Kefalonia is the largest of eleven islands, strung out along the west coast of mainland Greece and are collectively called the Ionian Islands.

Kefalonia with its wonderful natural environment, abundant water, fascinating towns and villages, mild climate, superb beaches, inviting bays, crystal clear seas and archaeological sites, is a precious jewel in the vast blue Ionian sea waiting to be discovered.

Kefalonia covers 786sq km in area with 254km of coastline. Its terrain is basically mountainous with rich woodlands and extensive vineyards, with highly indented coastline and deep clear bays. There are small traditional Greek towns and villages situated both on the coast and nestled in mountainous woodlands.

Tourism on the island is well managed with small clusters of villas and locally run hotels on the outskirts of small towns and villages. The island has not been overdeveloped and still has its traditional charms.